My first attempt at doing a Video Blog

This is my first attempt at giving video blogging a try. I had this idea for too long now to start creating video blogs which are less time consuming and more interactive in things we want to share with the world. For now, I have collected some topics which I want to focus on for this series of video blogs.
I would like to get your thoughts and feedback about the video blogs which you see. Please feel free to act as a critic and I am open to constructive criticism.
Also, if you have any particular suggestions, would love to hear them and will try my best to accommodate them in the next VBlog. For now, I will be keeping these YouTube uploaded videos as ‘unlisted’ and can be accessed only via my blog and once I feel a little better about the content and quality of these videos, will make them public.

One response to “My first attempt at doing a Video Blog”

  1. Sadiq says:

    Nice Initiative . Keep going .

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