Good Interview questions to ask for SAP Business Objects Admin

I was asked by a colleague to list some of the questions “I” would ask if I am interviewing a person for SAP Business Objects (SAP BI Platform) admin. Their team is trying to hire a candidate and he wants some Q&A to judge the candidate. It has been 16 years when I first got

Video Resume – In an effort to have Introduction taken care of

If you guys have read my blog posts, you might already know that I am in process of moving back to India after 18 plus years in this great country of United States of America (USA). What I have noticed during my applications to jobs which I feel that I am qualified for, the hiring

Video recording of ASUG Webinar presented by me on March 29, 2017

This video is recording of the Webinar I have presented on SAP Analytics use at my current employer. The webinar is hands on demo of the process we have used to build SBOP Exploration views on top of Information Spaces created in SAP Information design tool. The backend database used is Oracle 11. SAP BI

Integration of SAP Dashboard Design (Xcelsius) with SAP Crystal Reports

This video demonstrate integration of Dashboards designed in SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius) into SAP Crystal reports. Some of the advantages of doing this includes Utilizing the richness & interactive dashboard as part of Crystal Report which provides Advanced Charts & Graphics Sliders, Scorecards, switching between different tabs/canvas within report. Once integrated in SAP Crystal Reports, this

Summary of Session I will be Speaking at SAPTechEd 2016

This will be more of a real-time demo with massaged development data.  The team has used health analytics data to analyze the effectiveness of drug therapies. With the marketing exploration view, the team can track the effectiveness of liaisons in getting network provider referrals. We will also discuss personalization of explorer based on user roles, dashboards

Book I have reviewed – Reporting with Visual Studio & Crystal Reports is on Sale Now

This book is written by author Mahmoud Elkaoush for novice to intermediate developers who have just started creating “Crsytal Reports” using Microsoft Visual Studio. The chapters  are well equipped with examples and screenshots which helps you undertstand it in really easy way. I have personally done review of this book and expect that the users to benefit from

ASUG SAP Business Objects User Conference – Invite to the session I am Presenting

I like to invite you to join me at the 2012 ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference, September 10-13, 2012 in Orlando, Florida.  I’ll be speaking at this is content-rich educational event for people using SAP BusinessObjects solutions. The session I will be leading is:  Case Study: Breakthroughs in SAP Dashboard Design (Xcelsius) Integration with SAP

Open Document Method SAP Business Objects – Crystal Reports

Open Document method is very powerfull tool which could be utilized in “Drill Down” and “Drill Up” kind of reporting without the need of creating ‘Sub-Reports”. The video added to this article will demonstrate steps to do this. This also helps you in performance as its calling a different report and passing the parameter values

ASUG – Texas Houston Chapter meeting Feb-10-2012

Cameron International played perfect host to the ASUG – Texas Houston chapter meeting. This was my first time speaking at any of the ASUG chapter event. The audience were great considering the bad weather we had in morning. I think about 60+ made to the event out of 90 registered to this event. After introduction

Xcelsius Integration with Crystal Reports 2008

You can find demonstration of Xcelsius integration into Crystal reports 2008 using XML in below video.