Mohammed Imran Alam

Speaker at SAP conferences like SAP TechEd, SAP BI & Analytics, Different ASUG conferences, Experienced as Solutions Architect on Business Intelligence (BI), SAP Certified Associate in SAP BOBJ Administration, WebI, SAP Crystal reports, Xcelsius, SAP Explorer, Lumira, Fiori, Expertise in technologies like Data Modelling, ETL, Dashboards and Analytics in general,Expert knowledge on RDBMS systems like Oracle, MS SQL Server

Currently on Project and looking for Tele-Commuting-Part Time or Trainer jobs in XCelsius, BOE XI R3, R2, Crystal Reports, Have Green Card, Can work on W2, C2C, 1099. Drop an email with requirement and will get back to you at earliest convenience if interested or I can pass it on to network of people I know in this expertise.

A summary of the experience and expertise I will bring to the job

  • 13+ Years of experience in developing software and working with SAP/Business Objects suite of products like Designing BOBJ Architecture, writing Crystal Reports, Xcelsius Dashboards, WebI, Universe Design for major clients in industries like Stock Brokerage,Insurance,Energy,Telecom and e-commerce industries.
  • Most recent experience includes creating Information Spaces, Configuring SAP Business Objects Explorer on SAP Business Objects 4.0 environment, Enabling the Explorer to work on IPad using SAP Business objects Explorer App, Using InfoSol connectors on Xcelsius Dashboards, complex Xcelsius Dashboards,WebI, Crystal Reports connecting to WebI, Crystal reports using Live Office, Open Document XML, Web Service and hosted on Business Objects XI 3.1.
  • Includes experience with Design and Installation of large scale Business Objects Enterprise (Clustered Environment)
  • Did multiple training assignments for different companies/individuals on Xcelsius (SAP Dashboards),Crystal Reports 2008, BOBJ architecture.
  • Worked extensively in developing and implementing Crystal reports/WebI on Business Objects Enterprise XI, XI REL2,3.1, Crystal Enterprise 8.0 thru 10, Business Objects Universe Design, Crystal Reports Explorer
  • SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.x
  • SAP Certified Application Associate – Crystal Reports 2008
  • SAP Certified Application Associate – Web Intelligence 3.x
  • Business Objects Certified Professional ( BOCP )     Authorized Crystal Engineer ( ACE ) certified from Crystal Decisions/Business Objects.
  • Expertise in designing Universe(s) from scratch, migrating to different environments, designing WebI documents and maintaining them on Business Objects XI R2 SP3.
  • Installed and configured Business Objects XI Rel II on Win 2003 Server, Red Hat Linux.
  • Evaluated usage of Crystal Xcelsius, Live Office for adhoc reporting.
  • Worked extensively in developing Procedures, Triggers, Views on database like Oracle 7.3,8i, 9i,10g SQL server 7.0,2000,2005, Btrieve, Pervasive and Access
  • Knowledge of processes like rule extraction, rule analysis, rule flows, and rulebase design.
  • Knowledge of programming languages like COBOL, C, JAVA 2.0
  • Experience in interacting with business users and rules analysts on multiple projects.
  • Expertise over preparing report specifications, database designs to support the reporting requirements.
  • Experienced in documenting different stages of developing reports and setting them up on Enterprise Report Server 8.0,8.5,9,10
  • Experienced in migrating reporting from COBOL mainframe to Web based Reports using Crystal Enterprise 8.0/8.5/9/10
  • Excellent knowledge of developing DHTML Web pages using tools like Home site and Dream viewer
  • Active team player and as an individual with Excellent Communication, Interpersonal skills, self motivated fast learner and good listener.

Technologies Worked With

    Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, C, C++, Java1.2,2
    Reports: Crystal Reports 2008, XI REL2, XI, 10, 9, Seagate Crystal Reports 8.5,8.0/7.0/6.0, Business Objects WebI, Universe Designer, Business Objects XI REL2, Crystal Enterprise 8.0,8.5,9,10, Seagate Info7.0,7.5, Crystal Analysis 8.5,Visual Basic Crystal Reports, Oracle Reports 2.5.
    Development Tools: Visual Studio, Homesite, Dreamviewer, SQL Programmer, SQL Navigator, Visual Age 3.5. Visio, Vantive.
    RDBMS: Oracle 7.x, 8i,9i, SQL Server 7.0,2000, Btrieve, Pervasive, Domino, Access
    Web Expertise: CSP, ASP, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, JSP, Java 1.2
    Web/Application Servers: IIS 6.0,5.0,4.0, Apache Server , BEA’sWeblogic 5.1/6.1
    Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/2003, UNIX
    Version control: Visual Source Safe, PVCS, Rational Clear Case
    Other Tools: Symantec Pc Anywhere, Vantive, Windows TS Client

Work/Assignment History

    Project: Business Intelligence Solutions Architect
    Client: McKesson, Travelers
    Duration: DEC 2013 – Till Date.
    Team Size: 25
    My Role: Business Objects / Crystal Enterprise Architect / Crystal Reports Developer.
    Project: Self Service Business Intelligence/Enterprise Reporting
    Client: ActiveHealth Management Sister Company of AETNA
    Duration: APR 12 – JUL 12 as Consultant (ReportGurus Inc).
    Duration: AUG 12 – DEC 2013 (Employee AETNA)
    Team Size: 12
    My Role: Application Technology Specialist (SAP BOBJ Product Suite 3.1/4.0)
    Project: Business Intelligence
    Client: Can disclose only after personal email.
    Duration: Mar 10 – Apr 12.
    Team Size: 15
    My Role: Business Intelligence Analyst
    Project: Enterprise Claim Management – Operational Reports
    Client: Fortune 100 Insurance Company in Bloomington IL
    Duration: Dec 08 – Mar 10.
    Team Size: 25
    My Role: Business Objects / Crystal Enterprise Architect / Crystal Reports Developer.
    Project: Executive Stock Options eReporting ( ExSOP Reporting )
    Client: Merrill Lynch
    Duration: Mar 03 – Dec 06 and Oct 07 – Dec 08.
    Team Size: 30
    My Role: Business Objects Enterprise/Crystal Reports Architect
    Business Need: Merrill Lynch has been in the business of providing full-outsourced administration and brokerage stock option plan (SOP) services to US-based, publicly traded corporations since 1989. Among many services provided by Merrill Lynch, Plan Sponsors are provided with reports, which are sent to them based on the Standard Reporting Schedule: monthly, quarterly, annually. Plan Sponsor report facility provides plan sponsors with many flexible options, it enables the plan sponsors and plan teams to create standard and ad-hoc reports. In addition it provides saving, printing and export features for report creation.
    Tech Solution: ExSOP eReporting had been designed using customized web eReporting using ASPs and CSPs. The Out-Of-Box features of Crystal Enterprise had been modified to fit into the look and feel of ExSOP website. In addition to the regularly scheduled reports there are many special requests from Plan Sponsors for Ad-Hoc reports – reports created specifically to accommodate company’s needs. A complete customized Ad-Hoc report application is developed allowing the users to choose the list of templates and go over developing their own reports.
Technologies: Windows 2000,2003,XP, IIS 5.0, Visual Studio 6.0, Business Objects XI REL2, Crystal Enterprise 8.5,9.0,10 Crystal Reports 8.5,9.0,10,XI, XI R2 CSP pages, Oracle 8i,9i, PVCS, Data Direct ODBC drivers.
  • Designed multi server architecture for Business Objects XI R2 Enterprise for more than 10000 concurrent users.
  • Headed the team of Crystal Reports Developers, developed the reports as well as got them done by team on time for the releases.
  • Involved in all phases of migration from Crystal Enterprise 10 to XI R2.
  • Involved in designing Universe and migrating existing adhoc ‘Crystal Reports Explorer 11’ to WebI
  • Involved in creating the SRS/BRS for ‘Master Reports Suite’ which included enhancements to existing adhoc product.
  • Worked with team on customizing the out-of-box product to get look and feel of the ExSOP application and abilities of Crystal Enterprise like exporting, previewing, printing and emailing the reports.
  • Documented the steps of installing and configuring the Crystal Enterprise for the networking department to built the servers when we have releases.
  • Stress tested the crystal enterprise servers to determine ideal configuration for the best performance.
  • Responsible to support the issues with reports on the crystal enterprise environments ( Development, UAT, Test and Production )
  • Responsible to Sign-Off on the crystal enterprise and Ad-Hoc application after the release.
  • Responsible to see that every developer has the reports checked In into PVCS ( Version Management ) before the code freeze date.
  • Trained developers on steps involved in migration of reports from Crystal 8.5 to 9.0 and then 9.0 to 10
  • Migrated Crystal Web environment from Crystal Enterprise 8.5 to 9.0 and also from 9.0 to 10.
  • Tested and implemented SMTP email and FTP scheduling feature of Crystal Enterprise 8.5.
  • Developed the confirmation letter reports which get mailed to participants.
    Project: Health Management ( Care Engine Reporting )
    Client: Active Health Management ( AETNA )
    Duration: Dec 06 – Sep 07 (** Was at Merrill Lynch, 1st Project from Mar 03 – Dec 06)
    Team Size: 10
    My Role: Business Objects/Crystal Enterprise Lead.
    Business Need: In May of 2005, ActiveHealth was acquired by Aetna, Inc. ActiveHealth operates as a branded, standalone business. ActiveHealth has health management products like CareEngine(CE) and Personal Health Record ( PHR ). AETNA wanted to improve the reporting from these 2 products and also design few new reports which included more demographic information, Per Member Per Month and Per Member Per Employee information.It had complex calculations/percentages/charts to be shown in single report
Technologies:Windows 2000,2003,XP, IIS 6.0, Business Objects XI Release II, Crystal Enterprise Server XI, Crystal Reports XI, Oracle 10g, VSS, Oracle Native Drivers
    Tech Solution: Needed Stored Procedures were developed and report(s) enhanced and designed new reports. Crystal Reports Server with 15 licenses was installed and configured into three different environments ( Development, QA and Production ).
  • Currently leading team on multiple projects like Migration of Crystal Reports Server XI to Business Objects XI Release 2, Aetna Health Connections, Care Engine Reports, Public Health Response (PHR) Soul Source Reports etc.
  • Install, Maintain and Trouble shoot the Business Objects Enterprise Servers
  • Configure Business Objects XI to work in Firewalls, Enable the port(s) needed like 6400, 6401 etc for Business Objects Enterprise Rel II.
  • Design and Recommend changes to Datawarehouse schema’s like Star and Snow Flake designes at Active Health.
  • Assisted Web team in developing the Custom Parameter tool in .Net to feed the predefined set of parameter values to the Objects XI Enterprise.reports scheduled on Business
  • Extensively worked with Business Users on regression testing the Monthly/Quarterly Reports and convey the errors/issues to Developers and get them fixed on tight deadlines.
  • Maintain the repositories for different environments like DEV, QA and PROD
  • Regularly synchronized the QA, DEV environments with Production reports.
  • Responsibe to talk to business users and finalize on any enhancements/new requiremenrs needed by reporting department.
  • Hosted Weekly status meetings to update and explain the work expected from them in coming week as well as get status on work completed to crystal developers.
  • Responsible to trouble shoot problems incurred on parameter tool communication to Enterprise System.
  • Responsible to make sure Email, FTP, Unmanaged Disk options of scheduling are always up and running.
    Project: Claims/Operation Maintenance Department Data Warehouse
    Client: Factory Mutual Insurance Co. ( FM Global )
    Duration: Oct 02 – Feb 03.
    Team Size: 4
    My Role: Report Migration Project Lead
    Business Need: Migrate existing Cognos web environment to Crystal Web environment. Setting up the Base for Crystal Reports web environment using Crystal reports 8.5, Crystal Enterprise 8.0. Advise on choosing the products from Crystal suite of products according to needs of project. Analyze the Crystal Reports 9.0 and help FM Global in decision making on selecting Crystal Reports 9.0 and RAS processor licenses for customized Crystal web reporting. Train the report developers extensively on crystal suite of products.
    Tech Solution: The enterprise reporting System is designed based on a multi-tier architecture. In the data tier Oracle 9i / MS SQL 2000 had been used. The database had been re-designed with customized views and Stored Procedures after analyzing the Impromtu reports to enhance the performance of the reports. The main idea was to replace the Cognos web environment with same kind of web environment with Crystal at background. Going with RAS server processor license was considered above using crystal enterprise as the amount of customization will be same even if we go with crystal enterprise. Also with promising Crystal Reports 9.0 Advanced edition and Report Application Server SDK it was easy to implement the same customized web look as of Cognos web reporting.
Technologies: Windows 2000,XP, IIS 5.0, Visual Studio 6.0, Crystal Enterprise 8.0,8.5, Crystal Reports 8.5,9.0 CSP pages, Oracle 9i, MS SQL 2000, Cognos Impromptu, Cognos Web Reporting, Microsoft Visual Source Safe.
  • Headed and helped the decision making team to finalize the crystal products after analyzing their Impromtu reports and Cognos web environment.
  • Played key role in developing,implementing and demonstrating the successful pilot project using Crystal.
  • Designed, Developed and Implemented around 45 plus reports for 2 departments on development server as Pilot project.
  • Involved in re-designing or customizing the existing Views and Stored Procedures to suit the reporting needs.
  • Designed the data requirements by analyzing the existing Impromtu reports.
  • Designed and Developed existing Impromtu reports in Crystal Reports Developer 8.5
  • Implemented Crystal Enterprise development environment by installing Crystal Enterprise on IIS 5.0 web server.
  • Recommended changes and updates on Views used by Impromtu reports.
  • Deployed and tested the Crystal Reports on Crystal Enterprise 8.0 environment.
  • Configured and trained users to use Crystal Reports 8.5 developer.
  • Demonstrated Crystal’s strength by enhancing the report performance as much as 70 percent when compared to Impromtu reports mainly by using materialized views and stored procedures to develop Crystal Reports.
  • Tipped the developers with tricks in crystal reports development.
  • Trained developers on steps involved in migration of reports from Cognos to Crystal.
  • Configured and trained users to use Crystal Reports 8.5 developer.
  • Migrated Crystal Web environment from Crystal Enterprise 8.0 to 8.5
  • Tested and implemented SMTP email and FTP scheduling feature of Crystal Enterprise 8.5
  • Demonstrated the various features included in Crystal Enterprise 8.5 and gave and idea what can be expected in Crystal Enterprise 9.0 which is due to release shortly.
  • In charge for training and handling the entire project to the employees or rather developers at FM Global.
    Project: Enterprise Reporting
    Client: Arlington County Government
    Duration: Dec 01 – Oct 02.
    Team Size: 6
    My Role: Report Architect/Lead
    Business Need: Migrate the existing paper reports to web environment. Set up the report distribution with proper security measures. Train the users to access reports, using the new capabilities of exporting them into any format. Allowing the users to do Adhoc reporting, providing them the data designed in Oracle 9i by getting the data from vsam files.
    Tech Solution: The enterprise reporting System is designed based on a multi-tier architecture. In the data tier Oracle 9i had been used. The database had been designed after analyzing the cobol programs and vsam files which are used to generate reports on mainframe side. EasyTrieve is used on mainframe side and an automated VBScript is used to load the data from mainframe side to oracle 9i. Once the data tier is ready, the reports are analyzed and developed using Crystal Reports 8.5 developer. After developing and testing the reports the reports are uploaded in Enterprise Environment using Crystal Enterprise 8.0.Reports of different departments are placed in different directories on server and are assigned proper rights based on deparment users.
Technologies: Windows 2000, IIS 5.0, EasyTrive, VB, Crystal Enterprise 8.0,8.5, Crystal Reports 8.0/8.5, Crystal Analysis 8.5, CSP pages, Oracle 9i, Windows TS Clients.
  • Involved in all phases of designing the database to suit the reporting needs.
  • Designed the data requirements ( data needed from mainframe side ) by analyzing the cobol code.
  • Implemented Crystal Enterprise development and production environment by installing Crystal Enterprise on IIS 5.0 web server.
  • Configured and trained users to use Crystal Reports 8.5 developer.
  • Designed, Developed and Implemented around 50 reports for 5 departments on production and test servers.
  • Developed an OLAP environment for the developers from different departments to do Adhoc reporting using Crystal Analysis 8.5
  • Trained and Developed documentation for administrators to follow steps to add, modify, delete or change rights for different users of different departments.
  • Used NT authentication extensively on Enterprise side to authenticate users into Crystal Environment.
  • Developed and Implemented customized CSP pages into crystal enterprise environment.
  • Developed report on log files generated by Web Component Server to track the users accessing reports using Enterprise portal.
  • Interacted with the users to analyze the changes for improvement they need in existing reports and developed the reports to satisfy their needs and requirements.
  • Developed architecture archive the reports on Enterprise server.
  • Migration of Crystal Enterprise 8.0 environment to Crystal Enterprise 8.5
  • Implementing LDAP authentication using Crystal Enterprise 8.5 and Novell Directory Services.
  • Testing and implementing SMTP email and FTP scheduling feature of Crystal Enterprise 8.5
    Project: ERCOT ( Electrical Reliability Council of Texas )
    Client: Structure Consulting Group (DYNEGY), TX
    Duration: May 01 to Dec 01 .
    Team Size: 10
    My Role: Sr. Reports Analyst
    Business Need: Structure Consulting Group are a rapidly growing global company with 200 professionals and offices in Houston, San Francisco, Sacramento and London. The Structure Group is a international software and consulting company providing integrated solutions for market participants in the new energy economy. Structure’s software products provide market participants with one simple solution for bidding, scheduling, dispatching and settling energy trades in complex, regional markets. One of such Product we were working on was nMarket – ERCOT which was to be delivered to one of their client DYNEGY. I had developed and Customized reports at Client Side ( DYNEGY )., analyzing the requirements with the users at DYNEGY. Dynegy Inc. is a leading provider of energy and communications solutions to customers around the globe. The company’s leadership position extends across the entire convergence value chain – from power generation, wholesale and retail marketing and trading of power, natural gas, coal, emission allowances, weather derivatives and broadband to transportation, gathering and processing of natural gas liquids.
    Tech Solution: There were around 20 reports to be developed, customized and distributed across intranet/internet using Crystal Enterprise. Distribution of Reports was done in secured manner by preventing unauthorized users to access certain confidential reports, allowing authorization only to viewers who need to view them.
Technologies: Seagate Crystal Report 8.0/8.5, Crystal Enterprise, Oracle 8i,Visual Studio, CSP, HTML, PL/SQL, and Win NT 4.0.
  • Understand and Analyze the Business Flow and Standards set by ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas).
  • Develop the Stored procedures and Views to be able to customize the report according to specifications.
  • Develop reports for the latest release of “nMarket – ERCOT.
  • Analyze, make Specifications and develop the reports for modules like Scheduling, Bidding, Settlements and Dispatching.
  • Regularly analyze and Review the reports developed and make enhancements to them if recommended by users.
  • Develop views using base tables and customized them to use it in the reports.
  • Support the report issues and administration of Crystal Enterprise Server.
  • Understand DLL’s sent by ERCOT on daily basis and then analyze the data to develop variance reports.
  • Developed hourly and 15 minute interval data for different types of Energies bided.
  • Develop Price Settlement Variances between ERCOT and DYNEGY by Plant Level.
  • Develop the Variance reports between ERCOT Meter reads and DYNEGY internal meter reads which are provided by C3 ( A consulting Firm.)
  • Oracle 8i was the backend database used.
  • Upgrade Crystal Reports 8.0 to Crystal Enterprise.
    Project: IDX Rad ver 10.0.184
    Client: IDX Systems, VT
    Duration: Feb’01-May’ 01
    Team Size: 12.
    My Role: Sr. Reports Developer.
    Business Need: Resolving issues with reports in the previous version.
    Tech Solution: IDX Systems supports and markets the product “IDX Rad” which is a solution provider for Scheduling ,Tracking and Billing patients in a hospital. It has about 1500 customers for the current build of IDX Rad. It also supports imaging suite in the hospital management. The application was completely developed using ASP,VB ,JavaScript and Oracle 8i was used at the backend. The reports module of the application was handled by Seagate Crystal Reports (Ver 8.0).A total of about 350 reports were there for modules like Scheduling, Tracking, results and Billing. Stored Procedures were developed for few reports which had the performance problems.
Technologies: Seagate Crystal Report 8.0, Oracle 8i, HTML, PL/SQL, PcAnywhere, RAS, Vantive and Win 2K
  • Develop reports for the latest release of “IDX Rad ” ver 10.0.184.
  • Analyze and make Specifications for the development of the reports for modules like Scheduling, Tracking and Billing.
  • Regularly analyze the reports in earlier builds and make enhancements to them if possible, and include them in the current build.
  • Develop the Stored procedures to be able to customize the report according to specifications.
  • Developed views using base tables and customized them to use it in the reports.
  • Developed stored procedures and made enhancements to older code which were having performance issue.
  • Support the report issues in “IDX Rad” version 10.0.183 as well as in latest build 10.0.184.
  • Solve Crystal Report issues on Client site and fix it at their site by RAS or PcAnywhere.
  • Used Vantive extensively to get the test and Web Server information for client sites. Regularly check Vantive for complaints from clients regarding crystal reports.
  • Was responsible to make changes on reports with issues, and include the changes in the Current Build for the release of the next version.
  • Also helped the development team by updating them on the critical problems faced by the current version and recommended the changes, to avoid problems in future builds.
  • Was responsible to develop customize reports requested by Clients.
  • Also responsible to see the smooth running of reports from the Application on the client sites.
  • Also help the installation Engineers by providing information and support on Crystal Reports issues.
    Client:, NY
    Duration: Oct’00-Jan01
    Team Size: 9.
    My Role: Sr. Developer.
    Business Need: The reports were meant to be seen by employees at the higher level such as Hiring Managers and the Recruiters at higher level.
    Tech Solution: The main reports involved the data which helps to analyze the performance of the vendors for the requisitions and the submittals they had received for particular requisitions. The Second set of reports helps the recruiters to view and analyze the time cycle or the time taken by each job category to get the submittals. The reports were further divided by State and Cities and there percentages and summaries were also provided for them. Also the summaries part was done using Cross tabs to provide clear and compact idea about the requisitions and submittals. The Third set of reports were aimed at the low recruiter level whereon these recruiters were provided with the Submittal Worksheets of the details of the Job Requisition and the complete details of the submittals to the particular requisition. The users were provided by the parameter, which prompts them to enter the requisition number and get all the details pertaining to that requisition and the submittals to follow up. Stored Procedures were used in report to comply with the results required by the requirement of the report. Had extensively written the procedures to get the proper linking of the tables and retrieving data a needed. Installing and Configuring Web Component server which was extensively used to distribute the set of reports which were meant for the low level recruiters. The users were provided the flexibility to view the reports in Excel Sheet, Word document or in HTML with/without frames, PDF formats The above set of reports when implemented by using ASP on website, the parameter fields were provided flexibility to dynamically prompt the various prompts based on the report requirement. Seagate Info was used to leverage a sophisticated multi-tier architecture to enable the scheduling and distribution of reports, queries and cubes to upper management level like project Managers who requires them – all within a secure, reliable and manageable system.
Technologies: Seagate Crystal Report 8.0, Seagate Info 7.5, MS SQL 2000, HTML, JavaScript, PL/SQL, Solaris 2.6 and Win 2K
  • Sole responsible to analyze the requirements and prepare the Specifications of the reports.
  • Responsible for the complete development of the reports.
  • Sole responsible for testing and implementing the reports.
  • Was responsible to see the scalability and security provided in distributing important reports to higher managerial level. This was done using Seagate Info 7.5 .
  • Responsible to help and provide the parameters information used in reports to Servlets developers.
  • Responsible to configure Web Component Server and control the performance by setting the proper parameters.
  • Responsible to see the smooth implementation of servlets using ASP.
  • Responsible to make reports on checking the database and recommend the updating in database if any.
    Project: Management Consolidation System (Re-Engineering)
    Client: NASCO. (Marhba Pre-Paid Calling Cards) Riyadh, KSA ( Saudi Arabia )
    Duration: Feb ’98 – Feb ’00
    Team Size: 12.
    My Role: Programmer / Reports Developer.
    Business Need: Marhba Pre-Paid Calling Cards, was the sister company of NASCO which had the Debit Telephone Cards in the Market.The complete Structure and Software was installed and supported by an US based company called CPDI (Communication Product Development Inc).Basically we had 3 Platforms in Country(KSA) and each platform had 2 zones each.All the platforms were completely networked through routers and had lease lines to provide communication between the platforms.
    Tech Solution: Was the Sole responsible for generating various reports on Pervasive and Btrieve databases using Seagate Crystal Reports (Ver 7.0).Done the analysis of the reports and help the Sales and Marketing division by proving the needed information about the density of calls made to the respective platforms from different regions of the country. Had developed around 100 different types of reports for each platform in KSA which helps to analyze the use of Roaming and Local cards and thus help telecommunication department with planning to set Toll Free access phone number for each region.Each of the reports was supported by Graphical analyses of details of the Reports. Seagate Info 7.0 was used for distributing reports to managers of both IT and revenue departments.
Technologies: Oracle 7.3, Oracle 8, Seagate Crystal Reports 7.0, Seagate Info. 7.0, Pervasive and Btrieve Databases, Windows NT, Novell.
  • Was Responsible to maintain Btrieve and Pervasive Databases on remote platforms.
  • To maintain the structure of the Log files generated on the Julian date basis.
  • To Provide Finance department with revenue reports, developed using Seagate Crystal Reports and analyze the increase in the earned revenue on a monthly basis and help the Finance department to draw plans on the basis of these reports.
  • To regularly check on miscellaneous cards, if any in the system, and help communication department to rectify any errors.
  • Developed OLAP reports on HOLO cubes which were done for financial reporting.
  • To provide the details of the Calls made by the customers on the cards if requested by customer support.
  • To ensure proper Scalability and security in distributing reports using Seagate Info.

Education and Professional Training

    Graduation: B.S in Electronics and Communication Engineering
    Training Program Conducted By
Oracle DBA
Wilshire Software Technologies (P) Ltd
UNIX Admin
Wilshire Software Technologies (P) Ltd
JAVA Programming
SUN Microsystems at Intelligroup Asia (P) Ltd
    Vision to Execution Development Methodology ValueMomentum, USA
    ACE eLearning Crystal Decisions / Business Objects
    References: Email me for References
    Keywords: Xcelsius, BOE, SAP Dashboard Design, BOE XI R3.1, R3, R2 Business Objects XI REL2, Business Objects XI R2,
Business Objects Enterprise, Crystal Reports Server, CSP, Business Objects Resume, Crystal Reports
Developer,Crystal Reports/Enterprise Resume,Crystal Reports expert,
Crystal Reports Guru, Crystal Analysis,Crystal Enterprise,
Crystal Enterprise, Crystal Enterprise Resume,Crystal Reports 10, Crystal Reports 9, 8.5, 7.0, 6.0
Crystal Enterprise 10 , 9 , 8.5,Databases: Oracle 9, 8, 7, SQL Server 2000, 7, Pervasive, BTrieve,
MACOLA, Excel,Outlook forms, VB 6 forms, oracle reports, Crystal Reports / BOBJ / Xcelsius / SAP Crystal Reports /Crystal Enterprise / Business Objects XI Architect / SAP Certified Application Associate – Crystal Reports 2008, SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.x / SAP Dashboard Designer, SAP BOBJ Expert, SAP Certified Professional, BOBJ Consultant