Free Sports lessons for every child – By Sadiyah Alam

This is letter written by Sadiyah Alam (7th Grade Rockwell International School). WHY SPORTS IS SALIENT FOR CHILDREN I find it very crucial for children to have a lively experience and exposure to sports from an early age all the way to teen years.They acquire skills to control their emotions and channel negative feelings in

The Journey Continues – (Return to India) Experiences

It’s been good Eight months since I have moved back to India. I promised to write the experience of returning back after 19+ years in US. Overall it’s been twenty plus years. One year in Saudi Arabia (1999-2000) and then 19 in US (2000 to 2019). Work Culture: This was something which many of my

Sapphire 2019 – About my Session & Roundtable I am hosting

  I am pleased to share my knowledge at SAPPHIRE 2019. The session I am presenting is recap of what we at McKesson Specialty learned from our journey to SAP BI 4.2 Platform & how we want to build on top of Fiorified BI launchpad. More about this can be found on a short 3

Designing high performance Crystal Reports

I have worked on various Crystal reports version starting with Crystal Reports 7.5 back in year 1999 to latest Crystal Reports 2016 & Crystal reports for Enterprise. It is one of the best tool to design pixel perfect reports. When it comes to performance, lot of developers think that it is NOT up to the

SAP Crystal Reports against HANA on SAP BI Platform

Video demo of SAP Crystal Reports against SAP HANA. Getting started & knowing the details is the biggest challenge when you start working with something new or with technologies you have very little experience with. I have tried to simplify for users on how to get started with creating Crystal reports for Enterprise against the

SAP TechEd 2018 – Invitation to meet & greet

SAPTechEd 2018 attendies., I would like to meet you, listen to your story of SAP journey. Learn about the business you are IN and how SAP might is helping to become better. If you have pain points, complaints on the products etc, would love to hear that as well. I believe in sharing the knowledge

Good Interview questions to ask for SAP Business Objects Admin

I was asked by a colleague to list some of the questions “I” would ask if I am interviewing a person for SAP Business Objects (SAP BI Platform) admin. Their team is trying to hire a candidate and he wants some Q&A to judge the candidate. It has been 16 years when I first got

Video Resume – In an effort to have Introduction taken care of

If you guys have read my blog posts, you might already know that I am in process of moving back to India after 18 plus years in this great country of United States of America (USA). What I have noticed during my applications to jobs which I feel that I am qualified for, the hiring

SAP BI Platform 4.2 SP5 – Issue Charting on 2nd Dimension in Explorer

If your company uses SBOP Explorer 4.2, you need to read this. There is a potential showstopper in SAP 4.2 SP5. The error we see on the charts is “It was not possible to generate the chart.” The knowledge base which documents this issue is can be found on the link below. (2558269) This particular

Advancements in AI (Artificial Intelligence) – Blessing or Curse ?

The information being fed to a normal person in today’s world is unprecedented. There is so much to consume & make sense of this information in daily routine that we often find ourselves in complex dilemmas. We often tend to change our position and stands we took once that information really sinks in to us.

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