Demo – Steps of Loading Data in HANA, Creating reports on HANA

This video contains steps on how to use raw data and load it using “Data Services” into SAP HANA. Once the data is loaded into HANA, this video shows on how to create Universe(s) using Information Design Tool (IDT) connecting to SAP HANA. This also covers creation of Information spaces and exploration views connecting directly

Video recording of ASUG Webinar presented by me on March 29, 2017

This video is recording of the Webinar I have presented on SAP Analytics use at my current employer. The webinar is hands on demo of the process we have used to build SBOP Exploration views on top of Information Spaces created in SAP Information design tool. The backend database used is Oracle 11. SAP BI

Good to be back – Posting Blog article that is !

There have been so many things which clicked me in last 2 weeks which I wanted to write about, make a VBlog about but as they say “It takes less time to do a thing right, than it does to explain why you did it wrong.” So I was trying to be perfectionist and do

Journey to VMUG Leader

This post is by guest blogger & friend Mohammed Sadiq. Today  i will share with you my personal experience of how i got my  VMUG Leadership . It all started from my vmware training sponsored by my company . I was in my training session and our trainer Eid Mashal was discussing about the VMUG

Unforgettable Incident

Post by Guest blogger Mohammed Sadiq. It was a long working day and i got a call from home to bring something for dinner while coming home . I was working late at office and almost all the staff had left office. I went to my parking area and was surprised to see that the

ASUG Webcast..Yes, I am going to present it

I have been with ASUG for long time and when I got this email from Tammy, Powlas asking me if I am interested to do a webcast for ASUG, I was excited, not just about sharing the knowledge with fellow ASUG members around the country but having an opportunity to do it at the platform

Video Blog – Introduction

This is my first attempt at giving video blogging a try. I had this idea for too long now to start creating video blogs which are less time consuming and more interactive in things we want to share with the world. For now, I have collected some topics which I want to focus on for

Down the Memory Lane – Alessa Industries

This post is by guest blogger & friend Mohammed Sadiq. Last week i got a call from my Ex-Colleague of Alessa Company . He is an IT Administrator and he called me to visit his office . I had been postponing it due to my priorities but fortunately i got time to visit yesterday .

What is SAP Business Objects – Web Intelligence

This video is introduction to SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence. This will give you a quick peek at what WebI is and which requirements can be answered by using WebI. WebI can be used as self-service BI/reporting from basic to intermediate level of interactivity. The video also shows the steps involved in creating a WebI

Creating LOV (List of Values) in SAP Business Objects Universe & use it in WebI (Web Intelligence)

The above Video first shows the Prompts (LOV) in the WebI which are basically inherited from a Universe. The it goes into the steps of creating this “LOVs” in the Universe designer. For SAP Business Objects Information Design Tool (these steps, should be performed in DFX of the IDT). I will soon be adding another

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