Sapphire 2019 – About my Session & Roundtable I am hosting


I am pleased to share my knowledge at SAPPHIRE 2019. The session I am presenting is recap of what we at McKesson Specialty learned from our journey to SAP BI 4.2 Platform & how we want to build on top of Fiorified BI launchpad.

More about this can be found on a short 3 minute video I have recorded.

Q: Please tell us about yourself ?

I am working in IT (Reporting & Analytics) for past 20 years. I have my bachelors in Electronics & Tele-Communication from India but I guess it was my destiny to become a Software Engineer. I got my first breakthrough in Saudi Arabia in year 1999 to work as developer on Crystal Reports 7.0 at the time.

It was challenging in the beginning but once I got hold of it, I started to enjoy and dug deeper into reporting/analytics. One thing led to the other and here I am after 20 years, still passionate and hungry about how “data”,”Information” can play huge roles in day to day decision making at both corporate and personal levels.

One thing I absolutely love about the field I work., is the challenge to come up with informed answers to the complex questions.

I think it is exciting time to be working in the area while so much is happening around Artificial Intelligence, BI, Analytics, Predictive/Forecasting analytics, Big-Data science etc.

Q: What are some of my hobbies ?

There is long list of things I love to do. The first one is playing any kind of outdoor sports. I use to play University level soccer in India when I was in school and also when I was doing my bachelors & then started to play cricket more when I moved to US. I have played in almost every state I lived in US since year 2000. Was playing member of cricket teams in Washington DC, New Jersey, Illinois and now in Houston TX since 2010. I have lead (captained) the teams for few years here in Houston Cricket League.

Few other hobbies involve food, travelling to new countries, explore different cultures & customs, movies (Bollywood/Telugu cinema)

Other hobby is about creating Video Blogs, Sharing the knowledge, especially love being a mentor to students who just graduating and looking to enter into IT fields.

I have trained fresh graduates for many consulting companies over the period of last 14-15 years. Have partnered with couple NGO’s in India who work to feed hungry & provide financial assistance to students who cannot afford to pay tuition.

I believe in giving back to society and help others from what I have learned so far in life. I am also a firm believer that one should always share the knowledge so that it can benefit others and take it to the next level instead of taking that knowledge to our graves 🙂

Q: Why should someone attend my session ?

I guess to be entertained and hear stories which you may not have heard otherwise 🙂

On a serious note, I made that case in the short 3 minute video I have recorded on what you can expect from this session I am going to present at SAPPHIRE 2019.

If you still have an appetite to hear more about me, follow me on twitter @ReportExpert  Feel free to DM me & I will be glad to share more interesting stories about me 🙂

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