Designing high performance Crystal Reports

I have worked on various Crystal reports version starting with Crystal Reports 7.5 back in year 1999 to latest Crystal Reports 2016 & Crystal reports for Enterprise. It is one of the best tool to design pixel perfect reports. When it comes to performance, lot of developers think that it is NOT up to the

SAP Crystal Reports against HANA on SAP BI Platform

Video demo of SAP Crystal Reports against SAP HANA. Getting started & knowing the details is the biggest challenge when you start working with something new or with technologies you have very little experience with. I have tried to simplify for users on how to get started with creating Crystal reports for Enterprise against the

Good Interview questions to ask for SAP Business Objects Admin

I was asked by a colleague to list some of the questions “I” would ask if I am interviewing a person for SAP Business Objects (SAP BI Platform) admin. Their team is trying to hire a candidate and he wants some Q&A to judge the candidate. It has been 16 years when I first got

Video Resume – In an effort to have Introduction taken care of

If you guys have read my blog posts, you might already know that I am in process of moving back to India after 18 plus years in this great country of United States of America (USA). What I have noticed during my applications to jobs which I feel that I am qualified for, the hiring

SAP BI Platform 4.2 SP5 – Issue Charting on 2nd Dimension in Explorer

If your company uses SBOP Explorer 4.2, you need to read this. There is a potential showstopper in SAP 4.2 SP5. The error we see on the charts is “It was not possible to generate the chart.” The knowledge base which documents this issue is can be found on the link below. (2558269) This particular

Video recording of ASUG Webinar presented by me on March 29, 2017

This video is recording of the Webinar I have presented on SAP Analytics use at my current employer. The webinar is hands on demo of the process we have used to build SBOP Exploration views on top of Information Spaces created in SAP Information design tool. The backend database used is Oracle 11. SAP BI

Implementation of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

Thought to add details about the session I will be presentation/demo at ASUG DFW chapter meeting at Irwing Convention Center. This will be very technical demo of steps involved after you finish gathering the KPIs you want to use. It will be step by step process where we will create SAP BO Universe in Information Design

September Tid Bit

September 14th 2015 It’s been a while since I have written “posts” here. Will try and be frequent from here on and do a “new” posts every week. Since, its been a while, I will keep this post to miscellaneous things., “Cricket” to be precise. Below Uploads are from Spyda Cup ( India Vs Pakistan

The Modern Workplace

This article is the first of the series which would discuss in concise but comprehensive manner, the facts and factors which, if understood and applied properly, can play a big role for the College and university graduates who are about to join the corporate world  with their dream jobs.  Let us consider a scenario… you’ve

Book I have reviewed – Reporting with Visual Studio & Crystal Reports is on Sale Now

This book is written by author Mahmoud Elkaoush for novice to intermediate developers who have just started creating “Crsytal Reports” using Microsoft Visual Studio. The chapters  are well equipped with examples and screenshots which helps you undertstand it in really easy way. I have personally done review of this book and expect that the users to benefit from

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