The Journey Continues – (Return to India) Experiences

It’s been good Eight months since I have moved back to India. I promised to write the experience of returning back after 19+ years in US. Overall it’s been twenty plus years. One year in Saudi Arabia (1999-2000) and then 19 in US (2000 to 2019).

Work Culture:

This was something which many of my friends, relatives and colleagues in US warned me about that it will be very demanding and different than what I am used to in US. I was a bit nervous too about this as most of majority of my adult life was spent in US and I had never held a job in India, let alone an IT job before in India. I have worked with ‘offshore/onshore’ teams during my career but I was on the other end of it as a client employee. So, this thought was there on back of my mind but at the same time, I wasn’t that worried as we all know that if we are in IT in US, we are bound to interact and work with colleagues who are from India.

Lucky for me that I found a good firm and encouraging CEO who offered me the role I was looking for. After 2 weeks of break with family in India, I was all excited to start working in India. Initial weeks had been mixed bag, not because it was tough to adjust to work but finding a way to make in-roads and finding that start point.


~~ To be Continued..

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