Free Sports lessons for every child – By Sadiyah Alam

This is letter written by Sadiyah Alam (7th Grade Rockwell International School).


I find it very crucial for children to have a lively experience and exposure to sports from an early age all the way to teen years.They acquire skills to control their emotions and channel negative feelings in a positive direction.

Playing sports just doesn’t keep you fit, but develops patience and understanding with practice that assists them mentally and what they execute in school.Participating in sports has proven many benefits in what a child learns and presents.Kids will get a strong image in what adversity is and by teamwork they’ll acknowledge the fact to be together and evolve social skills, which will always be utilitarian to them in life.It helps children gain a high level of confidence.Conviction is always required within a child, and by achieving games and by winning will give them a good measure of gratification to their dedication and motives.Having and joining a part in sports, gives kids a chance to upsurge their concentration degree.It makes a child achievement oriented to all the hard work they give to their passion.They will know how to attain tough goals with confidence, concentration, teamwork, and making strenuous efforts.Losing a game teaches them a vital lesson by not quitting or giving up.It shows them to work diligently and plate all of their ability in what they want.This opens up many new opportunities kids can pull off when they’re older.

Instituting sports to a child at a premature age will aid their future and make them more productive day by day.

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